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Spa Etiquette

Turn off cell phones and pagers.
The Spa is meant to be an escape from hectic everyday life. Please turn off cell phones and pagers so both you and other spa patrons can fully enjoy the peace and quiet the spa offers.

Be mindful of other guests.
Others want to enjoy the spa too! Please refrain from holding loud conversations with other spa patrons.

Arrive on time.
If this is your first visit to a particular day spa arrive 30 minutes early to allow yourself time to check in, change, and relax in the lounge, sauna, or steam facilities. If for some reason you cannot make your appointment on time call and let the spa know that you are running late.

Cancelling a reservation
Please give the spa a 24 hour cancellation notice. Cancellation at some spas may result in a service charge.

Generally, shaving is not recommended prior to any treatments or hair removal services. However, it is recommended that men shave prior to a facial treatment at least 2 hours before the scheduled appointment time.

Do not bring food into the day Spa.
Most day spas will be happy to prepare you a healthful snack.

Gratuities for services are greatly appreciated and can be either given directly to the staff member, or extended at the front desk of the spa facility. Standard practice for excellent service ranges from a 15-20% gratuity.

Leave the kids at home
The Spa is a place where parents come to relax. Please, make babysitting arrangements in advance and come enjoy the Spa without the little ones.

Wear what makes you feel comfortable.
Many spa visitors ask if they should go partially clothed or totally nude, especially when they are having a massage. The answer is simple. Wear whatever feels comfortable. It's all up to you.